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la.plume Micro CMS most recent version 10.4:

Main content text, images etc, created in admin
Social networking buttons (optional) Manually edit /inc/social.php
Optional extra content (below menu) Edit /inc/extra.php in admin

Style as required. About the stylesheets »

, and not shown.

The CSS classes were introduced in Version 8.1 to distinguish between the default page layout (with the navigation menu at the side) and the optional wide page layout (with the navigation menu at the bottom above the footer). The classes are different for the wide page option:

Main content text, images etc, created in admin
Social networking buttons (optional) Manually edit /inc/social.php
Optional sidebar content (below menu) Edit /inc/extra.php in admin

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Hi, I love this CMS and plan to use it for at least two different web sites.

My problem is, I can't seem to put a header at the top of the page, and I can't get random images to appear in the 'extra' area.

I don't know php, and I don't know a lot about CSS. I have worked for the past week or so and changed most of the layout the way I want. I just want to do these two things (the header and the random images).

I have searched online and found scripts to no success.

Any help is appreciated!

To add a header you will need to edit /cms/inc/page.class.php to add a header div between #wrap and #content, then style the new div to suit. It might be tricky if you don't know php and CSS.

A simpler alternative is just to style the #menu div to place it above #content. Some CSS is still required but this option is more in keeping with the philosophy of keeping things simple. Position the #menu with position: absolute; and adjust the top margins of #content and #extra to suit.

For random images you will need to add some php to /cms/inc/extra.php and upload the images. It is not difficult but a bit too long to explain here.

Hi again, thanks for your quick reply! I forgot to ask - do I need a header.php file or is just adjusting the code sufficient?

In /cms/inc/page.class.php, after line 46 (between the #wrap and #content divs) create a new line:

require ('header.php')

then, yes, create header.php with the html for your header - normally a #header div "box" no wider than 960px containing the content of the header. The CSS for the box might be, for example:

#header {
display: block;
width: 860px;
height: 100px;
margin: 0 auto;

You can give empty #header a temporary background colour to check that the box is where you want it.

Yay! After following your instructions and tweaking things a bit I finally got a header up and running! It looks fantastic! Thanks
again :D

Well done!



C'est un outil très agréable et efficace.


Bonnes Fêtes

Bern Jaure

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