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la.plume Micro CMS has four stylesheets that control its appearance:

/css/stylesheet.css (created during installation)
/css/extra.css (added in Version 10.2)

The stylesheets are linked from the 'head' of each page and apply similarly to every page. In addition are a further three stylesheets that are not active but can be selected by 'Select a theme' in admin/pages to replace the main stylesheet stylesheet.css. The additional stylesheets are:

/css/all-white.css (for the All White theme)
/css/default.css (for the Default theme)
/css/zest.css (for the Zest theme)

A simple media query is used to automatically switch to the mobile stylesheet when the user's browser window is sized less than 661 pixels wide. The 'extra' stylesheet applies regardless of the window width and the print stylesheet when pages are printed.


'Select a theme' / 'Current styles' is always the stylesheet.css in use and styles the pages according to whichever theme was selected for 'Update styles'. It can be edited and saved as desired but will always be over-written when a different theme is selected and saved. For this reason extra.css was introduced, which can be edited to supplement stylesheet.css and is saved / updated separately. This extra stylesheet is selected with 'Select a theme' / 'Extra styles only' and saved / updated in the same way as the main stylesheet.

Users familiar with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS [3]) will be able to make use of media queries (as required) to apply extra styles for mobiles as well as styles tailored for laptop or desktop screens. The extra stylesheet may also be useful for styling the 'extra' HTML div which contains only very basic styles in the main stylesheet.

From Version 10.2 'backup pages' also backs up stylesheet.css and extra.css.

Admin Pages

Site admin is styled separately with:


The single admin 'theme' is aimed to be simple and functional. The stylesheets are not edited online but if desired can be edited locally before uploading (but be careful—the ones provided were carefully thought out).

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