A micro CMS

A small, open source flat file system to build fast, simple websites: la.plume

This website is the demo, exactly the same files as the download.

  • Free ready-to-use website production system
  • Simple to install and manage your own website
  • Featherweight for simplicity and speed
  • HTML5 Web Standards compliant web pages
  • Smartphone and tablet-friendly page layout
A flat-file micro CMS kept simple since 2008

It's tiny—micro-featherweight in fact. Create / edit super-fast web pages in a couple of clicks, with add to menu, title tag, page heading, plus an option for password protection. Add new pages and images in seconds from anywhere online. Database not required. Skill not required. Create W3C standards and search engine friendly web pages through a simple admin panel.

la.plume micro CMS features

  • You own the site, on your web server
  • As many web pages as you like
  • Choice of site languages
  • Pre-moderated comments (via email)
  • Contact page with contact form
  • Password-protected pages option
  • Site search (optional)
  • Doesn't use a database (no need for web caching)
  • 'Friendly' URLs with no file suffixes
  • Edit stylesheet in backend admin
  • Runs on Apache web server with PHP
  • Easy to backup and switch web hosts

14th November 2018:

Now version 11.0. Download here [ZIP]

Page last modified: November 14, 2018

Downloads since Sept 2011: 18,163