la.plume Micro CMS requires two passwords

(1) Login for site administration, and
(2) Viewing password-protected pages.

From Version 9.2 the passwords are set up during installation. In earlier versions they are set up manually for the password files. In both cases the passwords are not stored on the website. Only a 'salted and hashed' version is stored.

If your browser has cookies enabled the site administration 'admin' password does not need to be entered each time an admin page is opened. It needs to be re-entered only after logging out. For a password-protected page the password must be entered each time the page is viewed.

Site administration will not work unless your browser has cookies enabled.

Lost or forgotten passwords

If you have lost or forgotten either password you can not recover it from the password file(s) on the website. You have two options:

(1) Create new password files manually on your computer and upload them to your website to replace the originals, or

(2) Upload install.php into your 'admin' folder and go through the installation procedure again. You will not lose the content you have created on your website but it's always worth backing up regularly anyway.

In Version 10.0, sample password files are in the /admin/ and /inc/ folders; in previous versions: /cms/admin/ and /cms/inc/. To create the new password files manually, edit the two files named password-sample.php, save them separately as password.php and upload them both to replace the originals.

In either case (1) or (2) you will need to salt and hash your passwords.

Passwords for Versions 10.3 onwards are salted and hashed with a different hashing method (64 characters long) to earlier versions (32 characters long). Setting up passwords to access site admin and password-protected pages requires them to be processed here. The same passwords as before can be used but they must be set up afresh through the install and setup process (needs doing once only).

Page last modified: January 03, 2015


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