Installation v9.1 and older

Installation of newer versions is described here »

la.plume Micro CMS is for use with web hosting packages running APACHE web server on Linux or FreeBSD and works best when .htaccess is supported and the mod_rewrite module is enabled. The CMS also requires PHP 5.2.0+. PHP is by far the most widely used scripting language for websites. More info »

Installation should take less than 2 minutes by following the simple instructions below. You will need an FTP client program to access your web server. FileZilla is free but there are many others. Can also be installed via cPanel.

Installation summary:

  • Download and unzip
  • Upload to server
  • Run setup to complete

See also admin password | updating the CMS | troubleshooting

Installation (version 9.1) in more detail

(1) Download

Download and unzip onto your hard drive.

(2) Upload

Upload (FTP) everything inside* the download folder laplume to where you want the system to run. For example: or ('subfolder' can be anything you want) or

Exclude contact.php if you don't want a contact page.

(3) Setup

Depending on where you installed the system, go to: or

Enter the admin password "password" to access site admin. Fill in the boxes as required then submit setup.

That's all there is to it. The system should look like this 'out of the box' test install (All White theme) or this one (Default theme).

The 'All White' theme is new in Version 9.1. The Default theme is also included in the download and can be restored with a few clicks in admin; the two themes are switchable, or you can edit whichever is 'current' to create a theme of your own.

*If you uploaded the whole of the download folder laplume - including the actual folder - into (say) the root folder, your installation will be located at: (the setup page) (the site)

Admin password

The password "password" is obviously not secure. A better one is strongly recommended. From version 8.7 onwards process a new password here together with a 'salt' for improved security.

Enter (i) your new [salted and hashed] password and (ii) your [un-hashed] 'salt' in /cms/admin/password.php then save and upload the file to replace the original.

Screenshot of password.php

Make sure you have saved your original password somewhere safe. This password is used to login to admin, not the [salted and hashed] version.

For versions 8.6 and earlier there is no 'salt', just the hashed password. Process a password here then enter it in /cms/admin/password.php and upload the file.

If you want to add password-protection to some of the pages you publish, repeat this process for /cms/inc/password.php (you can use the same password but use a different one if you intend to give it to others).

New feature:

From Version 7.3 there is an option to rename the admin folder for improved security. For example:


*If you renamed the 'admin' folder to something else, go to: or

(depending on where you installed the system)

Then submit setup.

If you see a "cannot open" or "permissions" notice during setup or when creating new pages, your server may require the following permissions:

/cms/ folder (directory) [ CHMOD 755 ]
/cms/files (all the files) [ CHMOD 644 ]
/cms/inc/ folder (directory) [ CHMOD 755 ]
/cms/comments/ folder (directory) [ CHMOD 755 ]
/img/ folder (directory) [ CHMOD 755 ]

(0)755 is usually the directory default for web hosting services, and (0)644 for files - writable by you as owner. Directory and file permissions can be set in the File Manager of the website control panel (cPanel, Plesk etc).

The system is tested as fully functional. If you believe you have installed la.plume micro CMS correctly and something can be improved, don't walk away - please let me know via the contact page. Thank you. Patrick Taylor.

Directory listing

The home page should not show a directory listing:

If you see this after correctly installing the system, the issue is likely to be the Apache Web Server configuration. For instance your server may not have the AllowOverride directive enabled, causing the .htaccess file to be ignored. If you cannot enable the directive yourself in the Apache httpd.config file you will need to contact your web hosting provider.

The problem can also be caused by insufficient folder permissions. Changing the public_html / htdocs folder permissions to (0)755 may resolve things.

How to add a logo

See adding a logo »

The folders and files

The folders and files listed here are in the download folder laplume.

/index.php (new file in v9.0)
/cms/ (folder)
    /cms/contact.php (optional)
/cms/admin/ (folder)
    /cms/admin/text.php (new file in v9.0)
    /cms/admin/rewrite/ (new folder in v9.0)
        /cms/admin/rewrite/.htaccess (new file in v9.0)
        /cms/admin/rewrite/test.php (new file in v9.0)
/cms/comments/ (folder)
/cms/inc/ (folder)
    /cms/inc/languages/ (new folder in v9.0)
        /cms/inc/languages/en.php (new file in v9.0)
        /cms/inc/languages/fr.php (new file in v9.0 added 05 Nov 14)
/css/ (folder)
    /css/all-white.css (new file in v9.1)
/img/ (folder)
    /img/bg-body.png (new file in v9.1)
    /img/close.png (new file in v9.0)

After installation, setup generates the following additional files:


*I offer installation of la.plume Micro CMS for a modest one-off charge.

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