How this CMS Works

The folder structure, Version 10.0 onwards

/laplume/ is the download folder and the location of .htaccess.

The physical folders

/pages/ contains the site content.
/comments/ contains approved comments.
/admin/ is site admin (login).
/css/ contains the stylesheets.
/inc/ contains the scripts that power the content.
/img/ contains the images.

The system can be installed:
(1) in the web (domain) root:
(2) and/or in a subfolder:
(3) or on localhost/your-path/

The .htaccess file allows mypage.php to be accessed as: or

From version 5.7 the system can be run with no .htaccess file. If the .htaccess file is not present the pages display with a .php file extension. If the .htaccess file is present there are no .php file extensions.

The system

System setup and page creation is done in /admin/. Each 'page' consists of a .txt file containing the content text. A corresponding .php file outputs the text via a php 'class'. The class also loads the HTML.

Writing the home page text file (and other files that need to be writable) is done during installation so that the server user 'owns' them and can write to them again. All content files are subsequently written when new pages are created. If commenting is enabled in setup, an empty comments file is also created for each page. The site administrator can then add - or not add - comments received (visitor comments are not added automatically).

The setup page attempts to write an .htaccess file and also writes a settings file. la.plume Micro CMS will work without .htaccess but the settings file is crucial. The file is updated each time setup is submitted.

The sidebar navigation menu is generated by the system and is alphabetical unless you select the manual option in Setup. Re-submit Setup to switch from one to the other. More about the navigation menu »

Supplementary 'divs' are included in each page, for social networking features and additional sidebar content but they are initially empty. Their content must be added manually before the particular files (social.php and extra.php) are uploaded. The menu contains a php variable that references the page and can be used to tailor the 'extra' content to suit.

The main stylesheet can be edited online in admin and can be restored to the default styles from a backup stylesheet that cannot be accidentally edited.

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Testing the comments feature.

Is there a name field or url field I'm missing somewhere?

No there isn't. No date either. Just simple. If someone wants to add their name they can put it in the comment box.


I'v installed the CMS to a test server in the folder /laplume, but when I go to the address of the site, it doesn't start, just the folder "laplume" is shown and the CMS can be started only after clicking the link "laplume". Is it normal?

My test installation:

Thank you!

You have installed the system in a subfolder called 'laplume' and that option is fine. I can see that it works. That is why you only see the folder on - the system is installed at

It means you can use the main domain for something else. If you want to install la.plume on (so that you see the website, not just a folder) then install everything inside the 'laplume' folder but not the actual folder itself.

You can install la.plume on the main domain or in the subfolder - or both if you want. It depends on whether you upload the whole folder 'la.plume' or only its contents.

Wow it's amazing :-)

Posted by James Foley

May 12th, 2017

Simplicity is the essence of life. Only humans make things complicated.

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