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For la.plume Micro CMS Version 9.0+

Version 9.0 of la.plume Micro CMS introduces the possibility of languages other than English as options for standard headings ("Contact", "Search" etc), "Submit" buttons, and other messages. This means a German or Polish website will be fully German or Polish, or French or Russian or whatever... depending on someone supplying translations.

Please let me know if you are able / willing to translate the lines of text below into another language. The language can then be included as an option for selection in admin. Thank you. Patrick

*I don't need French, German or Spanish. They are done. Polish, Russian, Italian and Portugese would be nice...

English versions of default 'system' text for translation into other languages (various headings, messages, buttons etc)

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Page last modified: November 30, 2014


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