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la.plume micro CMS is a very simple system in which content is written to plain text files. There is no MySQL or any other database so the pages are exceptionally fast-loading. No plugins, no JavaScript, no image sliders or other bells and whistles. This is for words, images and video displayed with minimal distraction.

The system has been developed over the period 2008 to 2018, aiming always to keep things as simple as possible without sacrificing usability and functional elegance. Less is more.

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What license is this developed under? Is it GPLv3 or some other license enabling commercial usage?

The Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0) - link above. So yes, you can use this commercially subject to the terms of the License.

I love the CMS! Continue the work, though a sleek/responsive theme would do the trick for more users! Your CMS is the only flat-file CMS I have found that actually has a decent admin backpanel.

Thanks x1000 for this minimal and power-awesome Micro-CMS, I love it!

Hi Patrick, simple and brilliant, thank you! I just downloaded the files. I did not find a demo link so I have a few questions, if I may:

- where are the content flat files stored, in what folder?

- what about the image files, full size and thumbs, where are they stored?

- are image thumbs generated automatically with sizes I need? Can they be re-generated? Are the thumbnails cached?

Merçi et une très belle journée :-)

Hello, and thanks.

The content .txt files are in the /pages/ folder.

Images are purely the ones you upload and no extra images are generated. If you want thumbnails they need to be created and uploaded separately.

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