Hash a password with salt

la.plume Micro CMS version 8.7 onwards

For earlier versions process your password here »
For version 10.3 onwards process your password here »

Enter your password and salt then press 'Salt & Hash'.

Allowed special characters: $ ! _ % ^ ? * + = @ ~ # [ ]

Hashing and salting for passwords

Hashing a password converts it into a long hexadecimal number that is difficult to decode, especially with added salt.

Logging in to a password-protected page is done using the actual password (un-hashed). The system then hashes it and checks that it matches the original [salted and hashed] version. The actual password should still be hard to 'guess' - not a memorable word but a meaningless mix of characters, eg:


Mix both upper and lower case letters with numerals and keyboard symbols.

The salt can be a few random characters.

Make sure you have copied / saved (i) the [salted and hashed] password generated by this page, (ii) your original password, and (iii) your 'salt'. The original password is used to login to admin, not the [salted and hashed] version. The [salted and hashed] password and 'salt' are both required when installing la.plume Micro CMS.

Screenshot of password.php (example)

Applies only to older versions of la.plume Micro CMS, before Version 9.2 (which automatically creates the password files during installation).

Page last modified: January 26, 2015